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Buy viagra online canadian pharmacy, Generic viagra price in india

Buy viagra online canadian pharmacy, Generic viagra price in india

Founded in 2018 J&S Handmade produce every single candle by hand. We take our time to make sure each candle is done right. From the natural soy to the way it is poured, each candle was created with love and patience. Take a look at our designs and we promise you will not be disappointed.

Meet the owner

Neko Shepherd

Founder / President

Through sleepless nights due to constant work Neko have put together a product that the world can be proud. We have taken things back In time to when products were handmade with love and passion. 2018 being the birth year of our company we aim to continue to give our consumers the products that they love. From this day forward into the distant future.

Nationwide shipping

We Ship to the entire Continental United states and Canada


We produce every single candles using natural soy and by Hand

Best Offers

Our prices are very competitive and we strive to keep it that way

Secure Payments

All Payments made on our website is done securely